We are thriving to be a minimum number of business partner an enterprise would need to conduct a business efficiently and take decisions wisely

Our aim is to diagnose current set up of enterprises and provide them a robust solution in terms of technology, cost, time, marketing and growth hack.

About Founder

Corum8 is founded by Neha Soni, a passionate entrepreneur and ex-IBMer. She had the opportunity to be part of the Blockchain world in the early stages of development. With extensive knowledge and deep commitment to customer relationship, she has established an incredible reputation in the industry for launching over 45+ blockchain and AI projects globally. With strategic insights from her work at IBM to creating her own enterprise, she had established herself as a market leader and influential advisor in blockchain industry. Participating in several boards, events, press launches and educated in computer engineering she has established Corum8 to be the leader in the space of marketing, development and supply chain optimization.

Email : neha@Corum8.com
Phone : +1 (650) 681-0218

Core Team

Anuj Garg
Chief Operating Officer 19+ Years of Experience

Senior Transformational & Visionary Leader experienced in Business/P&L Leadership, IT solutions, Service Delivery, Client Management, Account Management, Transformation, Acquisition Integration, Re-Engineering, immaculate Process Excellence credentials.

Manish Awasthi
Chief Technology Officer 15+Years of Experience in IBM, Dhanush Infotech, and Aricent

Master of business to tech architecture specially in Blockchain(Public and Private Blockchain), Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing(public, Private, Hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). Experience in managing Large Scale projects & program management .

Nishant Kothari
VP of Marketing 1+ Year of Experience

With years of experience in business, Nishant has excellent knowledge of sales and marketing. He understands tech as well as marketing side of projects.

Bernardt Venter
Chief Business Development Office 30+ Years of Experience

Bernardt has years of experience in business and sales domain. He is good in closing sales and is the proud owner of a crypto exchange.

Kushal Bansal
Legal Head 3+ Years of Experience

Kushal is a practicing corporate lawyer with deep and complete understanding of technology and international business. He have been associated with eminent law firms like NDLO, UKCA and partners, India Juris, Amicus etc. He is handling legal work of Corum8.


Jean Marc Mensiah
Technology Advisor

Jean-Marc Mensah (P. D.) is the President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SMARTIFICIAL™ France in Paris, also known as SMARTIFICIAL™ RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY, Inc in North America, an Intel Technology Provider and R&D collaboration network for innovative Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Business Solutions.

Priyank Dahanukar
Mentor and Business Developer

Priyank is the founder of EVI (Electrical Vehicle of India) and is closely working with govt. of India with turnover of more than $35 million every year. He is currently advising Corum8 in developing solutions for automobile industry and helping the company grow business in enterprises.