The world is very interconnected. Is your business connected to and active with the key audiences?

We support our clients in developing deep connections. Our public relations service can help you achieve your goals whether they involve getting your name in prominent magazines, appearing as a guest on your favorite podcast, or obtaining high-quality backlinks to your website. We'll assist you in reaching a larger audience with your content and brand.

By introducing your crypto brand to the world's largest crypto media house, you can improve its image. One of its benefits is the connection between the brand and the customer. Corum8 offers its clients PR and sponsored content services. We help your product and brand stand out by connecting it with top media outlets.


Option to choose from over 100 major crypto media houses such as Bitcoin, Coindesk and Cointelegraph.

Content Strategy is planned based on the understanding of the brand. Use of potential keywords to create content suitable for your brand's SEO.

Develop content that highlights new partnerships, product launches, or other brand announcements.

Intensive research to idenify the most appropriate time to release PR for improved engagement.

Why do you need Corum8 PR services?

Our blockchain public relations strategy and tactics are founded on personal relationships with the world's top editors, writers and content creators.

Strategy: For the purpose of influencing and motivating your target audience and achieving the intended results, our team closely collaborates to establish strategic plans and vital messaging.

Transparency: We can guarantee that your articles will be published at the world's top technology, finacial, cryptocurrency, and business outlets.

Guaranteed Outcomes: The outcome is critical. We understand how to create high-quality content, adapt it appropriately, distribute it, and make it industry relevant.

Full stack marketing: We devise a comprehensive blockchain content marketing strategy, create a specific budget for your company, plan to create content, distribute, expand it through appropriate channel, and design a custom solution for your company.

Brand and reputation management: Through earned media attention, we fortify the reputation of your company. We effectively communicate your brand's message to boost its marketeability.

Leadership: We employ the ideal combination of strategic communication techniques to advance your viewpoints, clarify them, and strengthen your standing as an industry thought leader. We give you tremendous visibility so you may rise above your rivals.