ICO/IEO/STO Marketing

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and STO (Security Token Offering)

ICO/STO Marketing Guide

ICO, also known as Initial Coin Offering and STO (Security Token Offering) is a means for startups much like a fundraiser which offers the funders crypto-tokens or cryptocurrencies in exchange for dictum or other cryptocurrencies. It can be considered as a crowdfunding model which allows startups as well as emerging entrepreneurs in raising capital.in addition to that, they become independent of traditional central authority as well as early seed investors.

There’s only so much a product can do in the market because of its utilities unless a good strategy for marketing backs it up. Following are some points which brushes over the ICO/STO marketing strategies :

Token sales

Preferably, pre-sales and private sales are hosted. Not only, private sales enhances the possibility of purchase of more tokens but it also increases the possibility of quick returns.

Listing System

The listing system opens a great deal of opportunities for ICOs/STOs to get noticed as well as researched upon by potential crypto-investors.

Engaging Websites

Simple and easily navigable website designs provides an engaging experience for investors to develop better understanding of the ICOs/STOs.

Forums specially built for crypto-community

These forums provide an open base for its community members through which useful discussions over company’s crypto-coins could smoothly take place.

Active Promoters

The company can offer free crypto-tokens to the actively promoting project members of crypto-awareness campaign. This ,in turn increases the amount of token-holders too.

Use of White Paper

Simply put white paper which represents the company’s methodology in providing their services. With the ever growing content marketing industry, White paper can prove to be very beneficial.

Content Marketing

Strategic approaches for content marketing like publishing the company’s projects over a blog, PR or even videos will ensure the investors of the value and the work ethics the company provides.

Incorporating Transparency

The company can publicize their projects via several social media platforms.as a consequence of which, the visibility of company’s name can get skyrocketed.

Newspapers and Newsletters

The company can greatly benefit from publicizing about the projects as well as the progress it has made via widely used means of communication i.e. newsletters(mails) and newspapers press statements can also help in advertisement.

Digital Marketing

This includes SEO, email campaigns, retargeting, etc. It is important to increase sales organically on google.

Growth Hacking and Community Management

We will help you manage your social media including your telegram community. We perform boosting in social media channel to get likes/ followers/ subscribers in 4-5 figures. We manage reddit, twitter, telegram, facebook, steemit, discord, medium, tumblr, busy, youtube, etc.

Commencement of ICOs And STO

Meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies : The emergence of the digital assets, crypto-currencies was truly unpredictable. Earlier, the central authority exercised control over the flow of paper currencies as for the cryptocurrencies, these are free from hold of any traditional financial institution. It carries out anonymous authentic cash transfers. Each of the tokens used for transfer are unique.

After some scams happened in ICO industry, SEC have introduced certain compliances for businesses to raise money by cryptocurrencies. This concept have further changed from ICO to STO (Security Token Development)

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