The Future of Gaming

The traditional "pay to win" approach in the gaming industry is being replaced by "play to earn" in a revolution. To foster an avid fanbase, repeat business, and make the in-game economies self sustaining, Gamifi projects include a reward systemand play-tto-earn components. Gamifi projects can be connected with DeFi capabilities like token issuance, farming, NFTs, and peer to peer trading because they are built on a blockchain ledger.

In the gaming and blockchain industries, Gamifi is a relatively new concept. Corum8 is a pioneer in providing required solutions to the new gamifi projects. We at Corum8, would help you in developing and launching your own blockchain based gaming business. From token pre-sale to marketing, our expert team would do it all for you.

Our Services

Token Pre-sale: Gamers are used to tokenization, thanks to in-ame currencies, loot boxes, and avatar customizations. Corum8 would assist you inthe pre-sale of these tokens in order to increase the exposure of your business.

Marketing Solutions: Corum8 would also be in-charge of marketing your own blockchain-based game through press releases on popular sites such as Forbes, influencer marketing and community management services.

Expert Guidance: Our experts will assist you in selecting the best platform for your goals and the launch of your Gamifi business.

Why opt for Corum8 Gamifi services

Corum8 has a team of experienced professionals ready to assist in launching blockchain-based games.

Corum8 helps you in pre and post launch support to help you grow rapidly.

Results are always a priority when you work with Corum8.

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