From IPOs to annual reports, Corum8's comprehensive range of investor relation services and solutions have you covered. Corum8's customized investor relation services increase the effectiveness and results of your investor relations communications while streamlining your business procedures.

Our Services

Option to choose from over 100 major crypto media houses such as Bitcoin, Coindesk and Cointelegraph.

Content strategy is planned, based on the understanding of the brand.
Use of potential keywords to create content suitable for your brand's SEO.

Develop content that highlights new partnerships, product launches, or other brand announcements.

Intensive research to identify the most appropriate time to release PR for improved engagement.

Why choose us?

Press Release Disclosure: Our disclosure network makes sure that in addition to your target audiences, investors, media and analysts also notice your investor relations content.

News services: Corum8 offers all the investor relation resources you require for prompt, extensive and successful news dissemination

Targeted release: Send your news release and other investor relations materials to the media in the area you have selected as well as to the financial community.

Corum8's investor relation services maximize the scope and results of investor relations communications while simplifying the process.

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